Festa del Vi de la DO Tarragona

DO Tarragona Wine Festival

The DO Tarragona has organised a series of activities to reconnect the city with its wine heritage inland. Come and taste all the dimensions of the wine from May 20 to June 5.







The Food & Wine Route


20th May to 5th June
Winebars and taverns around the city

With wine and food pairings from the DO Tarragona, the Route invites you to get to know the territory through the bars and taverns of the city.

We wanted to bring the vineyards to the city and this WINE ROUTE will bring the territory to life in the taverns and bars of Tarragona. An exploration game to get to know our regions through their wines, with the support of the city's chefs, who have prepared tapas and dishes to make the wines shine.

Check out the bars, dishes and wines

Price: Gold pairing: 10€/Silver pairing: 5€

Tasting of "Tarragona Clàssics"


21st May 7pm
Museu del Port

Fortified wines are part of the heritage of the D.O. Tarragona and we offer an interpretive tasting to learn about their diversity and the characteristics that allow us to identify them. This activity is a walk through bottled history in the form of soleras and rancios, sweet and generous with Tarragona roots, from Macabeo and Garnacha vineyards. The tasting will include gastrogeographic pairing.

Price: 20€ Ticket sales

Family tasting. Scents of the territory


22nd May 11:30am
Museu del Port

The landscapes of the D.O. Tarragona put in a glass of aromas. We offer an aromatic journey through the territory that originates the wines of Macabeo, Cartoixà, Garnacha, Sumoll, Tempranillo... It is an aromatic and olfactory route through the landscapes of Tarragona designed for the whole family.

Price: Free Reserve tickets

*Spaces are limited

The Music of Wine. Raül Cid Trio


31st May 7:30 to 9pm
Plaça de les Cols. (Cathedral Stairs)

The sounds of the wine, the voices and the party. Music as the axis of communication for those who make the wine of the D.O. Tarragona. A playful and sonorous proposal to get to know wines and people who express themselves through music and wine, with the Raül Cid Trio and various winemakers from the DO Tarragona.
DO Tarragona wine tasting

Wine Tourism workshop


1st June, 7 to 8.30pm
Antiga Audiència

The public is increasingly interested in learning from their creators the story behind each wine, and wineries are increasingly open to knowing how the wines they produce are received. Understanding and recognising this mutual interest is essential to offer interesting enocultural proposals. Manel Colmenero is a pioneer of wine tourism: he has been practicing this discipline for more than 10 years, which is the axis of development of the wine territories.

Price: 3€ Ticket sales

Tasting of the Decade


2nd June, 9pm to Midnight
Restaurant AQ

A special pairing with wines from the last 10 years of DO Tarragona.

Tarragona owes the city a catalog of food and wine pairings to show the potential and versatility of a wine tradition of great personality. From the help of a leading light of the Tarragona culinary sector, the AQ Restaurant, we will highlight the delights of the maritime vineyards: 10 wines from 10 vintages (from 2011 to 2021) and 10 dishes to show the wine territory that surrounds us and understand its DNA.

Price: 75€ | Sold Out

Bubbles at sunset


3rd June, 9pm
Passeig de les Palmeres

Tasting of sparkling wines from the DO Tarragona accompanied by local cocas.

The sparkling wines from the D.O. Tarragona are opening a path of possibilities that is beginning to be uncovered: there are many varieties to be made with bubbles. We have a rich and luminous territory that we want to uncover next to the balcony, like a firework display. Come and pop a cork to discover bubbles from Tarragona.

Price: 10€ Ticket sales

Wine Cinema


3rd June, 7pm
Antiga Audiència

Vignes dans le rouge, by Christophe Fauchère. VOSC. With support from MOST Festival.

Tarragona enters the orbit of the MOST Festival and brings this benchmark of wine cinema in the city. We want to be part of a cultural project that records the voices that make the world's wine and at the same time helps to open the debates that wine provokes about the territory and culture in general; passing through geography, gastronomy, tradition or innovation, and all those traces that the wine collects and projects on the people and places where it passes.

Price: 3€ Ticket sales

Wine Fair


4th June, 6 to 11pm
Plaça Corsini

Public wine tasting at the Tarragona Market

The Wine Fair is a popular festival rooted in the city that we preserve as a treasure because it has always connected us with the people on the street. With Plaça Corsini as the epicenter, home of the Tarragona Central Market, we know that we are an essential part of the cultural legacy of the trade in farm products.

Price: 15€ (six tastings) Ticket sales

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